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Patient Safety Primers 03/11/10

Patient Safety Primers are guides for health care professionals on safety ideas to put into action in hospitals and health care settings. Each tool refers to a specific topic and provides detailed background information as well as current resources and links.

The topics available include:

  • Safety target
    • Adverse events after hospital discharge
    • Diagnostic errors
    • Disruptive and unprofessional behavior
    • Handoffs and signouts
    • Health...
Blood Thinner Pills: Your Guide to Using Them Safely 09/21/09

This free booklet and video educate consumers about blood thinner medicines.

The 24-page booklet explains how blood thinners can help prevent dangerous blood clots from forming and what to expect when taking these medicines. It includes the following information:

  • About your blood thinner
  • How to take your blood thinner
  • Check your medicine
  • Using other medicines
  • Possible side effects
  • Stay safe while taking your blood...
What You Can Do to Avoid Medication Errors 07/01/09

This fact sheet provides tips on how to avoid medication errors in the following settings:

  • Personal/home care
  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulatory care/outpatient clinic
  • Hospital inpatient care
Medication Reconciliation Review 05/08/09

The Medication Reconciliation Review tool provides step-by-step instructions for conducting a review of closed patient records to identify errors related to unreconciled medications. Organizations that are considering creating a medication reconciliation process can use this tool to establish a baseline of errors from unreconciled medications and to build a case for the importance of having a reconciliation process in place.

This tool contains:

  • Overview
  • ...
Arizona CERT Medication Record 04/13/09

This tool can help patients keep track of the medicines, vitamins, and herbs that they take. It is available as an interactive online tool and as a PDF document that can be printed out and filled out by hand. The PDF document is also available in Spanish.

This record helps patients capture the following information about their medicines:

  • Name of medicine or product
  • How much do I take?
  • When and how do I take it?
  • Why do I take it?
  • ...
Stop -- Learn -- Go -- Tips for Talking With Your Pharmacist to Learn How to Use Medicines Safely 01/19/09

This brochure offers tips to help patients work with their health care professionals to learn how to use medicine to increase its benefits. It includes a list of things to tell the pharmacist, questions to ask the pharmacist, and suggestions for checking medications before leaving the pharmacy.

Five Steps to Safer Health Care: Patient Fact Sheet 01/16/09

This fact sheet provides steps patients can follow to get safer health care.

Steps include:

  • Ask questions if you have doubts or concerns
  • Keep and bring a list of all the medicines you take
  • Get the results of any test or procedure
  • Talk to your doctor about which hospital is best for your health needs
  • Make sure you understand what will happen if you need surgery
Speak Up Campaign 12/10/08

In March 2002, the Joint Commission, together with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, launched a national campaign to urge patients to take a role in preventing health care errors by becoming active, involved, and informed participants on their health care team.

The campaign features brochures, posters, and buttons on the following patient safety topics:

  • Help prevent errors in your care
  • Help avoid mistakes in your surgery
  • Information...
EPITOME (Enhanced Patient Safety Intervention to Optimize Medication Education) Tools 07/10/08

EPITOME (Enhanced Patient Safety Intervention to Optimize Medication Education) is an evidence-based, multi-modal patient medication education program. It draws on health behavior change theory and utilizes a multidisciplinary approach, including structured medication education, administrative support and staff training, established quality improvement techniques, and consistent use of adjunctive and supportive information technology and automated systems, to maximize the impact of...

Medication-Related FDA Patient Safety Videos 03/20/08

These medication-related safety videos from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are provided in cooperation with the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. The videos are accompanied by written explanations and safety alerts from FDA. New titles are added periodically.

Recent topics include:

  • Rare side effect of codeine in nursing mothers
  • Avoiding dangerous mixups between amphotericin B formulations
  • ...


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