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Depressionscreen.org 03/04/09

This Web site educates visitors about clinical depression, offers them a confidential way to get screened for symptoms of the illness, and guides them toward appropriate professional help if necessary.

It includes information about:

  • Symptoms and treatments
  • Personal stories
  • A confidential depression-screening self-test
  • Sources of help
Hoag End of Life Care 02/25/09

This site provides important information and a guide about end-of-life care. While some of the services are specific to Hoag Hospital, most of the information is general enough for anyone dealing with end-of-life needs.

Visitors to the site can read about the following:

  • Comfort and care
    • Support for the end of life
    • The final stages
    • Suggestions on coping
  • The next steps
    • Things to take care of now
    • Talking to...
Provider's Guide to Quality & Culture 02/19/09

This Web site helps health care organizations throughout the US to provide high-quality, culturally competent services to multi-ethnic populations. Through support tools and tutorials, the site serves as a source for health professionals seeking resources on cultural issues within the context of quality of care for the improvement of global health.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
    • What is cultural competence?
    • Evaluating oneself
    • Avoiding...
Healthy Men 02/18/09

This Web site encourages men to actively take part in their health care by educating themselves on health care and participating in decisions with their doctor.

The site includes guidance in the following areas:

  • Stay healthy
  • Talk with your doctor
  • Get preventive medical tests
  • Know your prescription
  • Find advice and support
  • Get more information

The site is also available in Spanish.

www.trytostop.org 02/18/09

This Web site helps Massachusetts residents who want to quit smoking.

Patients can:

  • Learn about medications to help them quit
  • Read tips and articles about quitting
  • Join the Try-To-Stop community
  • Create a personalized quitting plan with the Quit Wizard
  • Speak with someone about quitting smoking on a toll-free number
Kids' Quest on Disability and Health 02/10/09

The Kids’ Quest site is intended to get kids to think about people with disabilities and some of their experiences related to daily activities, health, and accessibility.

The quests include topics related to limitations people with disabilities face in participating in various activities. These limitations are grouped under motor, communication, personal care, and learning. Each quest contains the following:

  • A primary question
  • A set of related questions about...
Clinical Microsystems Tools and Resources 02/02/09

This Web site presents the principles of clinical microsystems as well as related tools and resources to help health care professionals improve their practice care and outcomes.

Clinical microsystems are the front-line units that provide most health care to most people. They are the places where patients, families, and care teams meet. Microsystems also include support staff, processes, technology, and recurring patterns of information, behavior, and results.

This site...

Hablamos Juntos: Using Symbols 01/16/09

This Web site helps health and hospital administrators, facilities managers, architects, and designers of health care wayfinding systems eliminate language barriers and improve the quality of health care for people with limited English proficiency through the use of health care symbols in wayfinding systems. Universal symbols help create dynamic systems where patients and visitors feel more comfortable and confident while navigating in a health care facility.

Resources on the...

Quitline.com 12/11/08

This Web site contains tips and tools that consumers can use to quit tobacco use and that health care providers can use to help patients quit tobacco use. The site includes a toll-free number consumers can call for support as well as instructions on how health care providers can order free materials for patients such as reference cards and brochures. Washington State residents may also receive free nicotine patches or gum by calling the quit line and speaking to a quit coach.


Diabetesatwork.org 11/25/08

This free online resource for managers, occupational health providers, benefits and human resource managers, and employees helps companies assess the impact of diabetes and the need for education in the workplace. Information on the Web site also helps employees with or at risk for diabetes manage their diabetes while at work and teaches them how to reduce their risk for further complications.

The site includes the following information:

  • Getting started
    • Making...


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