2010 National Healthcare Disparities Report 03/04/11

The purpose of the National Healthcare Disparities Report (NHDR) is to identify the differences or gaps through which some populations receive poor or worse care than others and to track how these gaps are changing over time. The report uses a set of measures, which are categorized across four dimensions of quality: effectiveness, patient safety, timeliness, and patient-centeredness. The 2010 report presents expanded analyses of care across the urban–rural continuum. It also summarizes...

2010 National Healthcare Quality Report 03/03/11

The key function of the National Healthcare Quality Report (NHQR) is to summarize the state of health care quality for the nation and report on progress and opportunities for improving health care quality, as mandated by the U.S. Congress. The 2010 report addresses three questions critical to guiding Americans toward the optimal health care they need and deserve:

  • How have health care quality and disparities changed over time?
  • What is the status of health care quality and...
myPHR 01/31/11

This Web site provides resources to help consumers create their own personal health record (PHR) to collect, track, and share their past and current health information. It should be maintained by the patient or caregiver, and can be used to provide medical care providers with more insight and information into personal health. It can also help patients avoid the time and expense of repeating the information during office visits.

The site includes PHR forms for children and adults (...

Using Telephone Support to Manage Chronic Disease 12/28/10

This report is intended to inform clinicians and health care managers about the benefits and challenges of telephone care services and programs for patients with chronic illnesses. The report is relevant to “traditional” telephone care services (delivered “live” by nurse care managers or other clinician counselors), as well as those that use automated technology to augment such programs.

Specifically, the report addresses:

  • How telephone care services can contribute to...
Options for Large-Scale Spread of Simple, High-Impact Interventions: Technical Report 12/20/10

This report outlines what is known to be effective in the adoption and large-scale spread of high-impact interventions. It summarizes the scientific and theoretical bases underpinning the spread of innovations and presents several illustrative approaches for large-scale spread, including lessons learned from applying them.

Approaches described in the report include:

  • Natural diffusion
  • Executive mandates
  • Extension agents
  • Emergency...
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity: Resources & Tools 12/20/10

This Web site provides numerous resources for those participating in the effort to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic. It offers a selection of key resources to help inform activities to improve children’s and teens’ access to nutritious foods in school and at home, as well as initiatives to increase opportunities for physical activity in school and the surrounding community.

Resources include action guides, case studies, reports, and tools. They are available for the...

Incorporating Health Information Technology Into Workflow Redesign: Summary Report 12/06/10

This report provides information and tools to help small and medium-sized outpatient practices assess their workflows to successfully implement health information technology (health IT). These practices are likely to need the most help in analyzing their workflows, as they typically do not have access to IT support and quality improvement resources.

The report explains the importance of analyzing workflow when implementing and using health IT applications, and also:

  • ...
A New Way to Talk About the Social Determinants of Health 12/06/10

A New Way to Talk About the Social Determinants of Health represents a comprehensive effort at identifying ways of talking with the general public, including swing voters and opinion elites, about social determinants of health. This publication, developed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, describes a new framework to create more compelling, effective, and persuasive messages that resonate across the political spectrum.

Content includes:

  • Why we need...
Health Risk Assessments 11/22/10

These free assessments for consumers present information about various health conditions and the risks connected with them. Users will receive a Personal Health Report, which includes a summary of their results, information about their specific risk factors, and ways to improve their health.

The assessments cover the following health issues:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Weight
  • Stroke
  • Vascular disease
  • Breast cancer
  • Colon cancer...
Step Up to Stop Falls Toolkit™ 10/06/10

This toolkit contains a variety of fall prevention resources for older adults and the caregivers and health care professionals who work with them. Content can be downloaded directly from the Web site, including manuals, guides, presentations, and videos. Examples of available resources include:

  • Video exercises to improve strength and balance
  • A home safety self-assessment checklist
  • Professional screening and competency guides
  • Prevention and risk...


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