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Cover Your Cough 11/13/08

These flyers and posters for health care facilities and community or public settings like schools and child care facilities teach people to stop the spread of germs by covering their cough. They also instruct how to clean hands after coughing or sneezing.

The posters are available in English and Spanish. The flyers are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and a variety of other languages.

Vaccine Information Statements 11/13/08

Vaccine Information Statements are information sheets that public and private providers give to vaccine recipients, their parents, or their legal representatives to explain the benefits and risks of a vaccine. Federal law requires that Vaccine Information Statements be handed out whenever certain vaccinations are given.

Downloadable Vaccine Information Statements include:

  • Multiple vaccines
  • Anthrax
  • Diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (DTaP)
  • ...
healthfinder.gov 10/21/08

This gateway Web site provides information and tools to help consumers stay healthy. The site includes general health information as well as contact information and resources on a wide range of health topics from over 1,600 Government and non-profit organizations. The topics covered are related to the focus areas of Healthy People 2010.

The site, also available in Spanish, provides the following information:

  • Quick guide to health living
    • Eat healthy
    • Get...
Making Needles Hurt Less 10/01/08

Making Needles Hurt Less is a guide for caregivers to help children understand and better manage needlesticks. It provides helpful words, actions, and ideas to talk to a child about the painful procedure.

Dual Eligibles: Medicaid's Role for Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries 09/22/08

This fact sheet describes the Medicaid/Medicare dual eligible population and related issues. Dual eligibles are low-income elderly and persons with disabilities who are enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid. Information in the document discusses why this population needs Medicaid, what services they receive from Medicaid, and the current policy challenges related to dual eligibles, including the new Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Screening for Type 2 Diabetes in Adults: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations - Summaries for Patients 09/16/08

This summary for patients provides information on clinical recommendations for screening for type 2 diabetes.

It addresses the following questions:

  • What is the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)?
  • What is the problem and what is known about it so far?
  • How did the USPSTF develop these recommendations?
  • What did the USPSTF find?
  • What does the USPSTF suggest that patients do?
  • What are the cautions related to these...
Multidisciplinary Care Toolkit 08/08/08

Multidisciplinary cancer care is a collaborative approach to treatment planning and ongoing care throughout the treatment pathway. Multidisciplinary care aims to ensure that members of the treatment and care team can discuss all relevant aspects of a cancer patient’s physical and psychosocial needs along with other factors impacting upon the patient’s care.

This series of tools was developed to help implement multidisciplinary cancer care:

  • Achieving Best Practice...
The Chinese Women's Health Project: Products 08/07/08

The following materials from the Chinese Women’s Health Project were used to decrease the incidence of invasive cervical cancer among Chinese women by increasing the frequency and regularity of Pap testing. The project consisted of two interventions to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese American and Canadian women—an outreach worker-based intervention and a direct mail intervention. The following materials used for this project are available to download:

  • The...
Health Guides A to Z for Teen Girls 06/30/08
These guides provide easy-to-understand health information for teen girls. The guides can be browsed alphabetically or by topic.

Topics include:
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Sexuality and sexual health
  • General health and development
  • Gynecology and reproductive health
  • Emotional health
  • Parent guides

The tool also includes quizzes on the following health topics:

  • General health
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • ...
Child Asthma Risk Assessment Tool© (CARAT) 06/10/08

This risk assessment tool rapidly provides a personal risk profile for a child with asthma. A detailed questionnaire looks at a variety of potential risks for a child and then reports on those factors affecting that child. It is designed to help clinicians, asthma counselors, and parents determine potential risks for children with asthma.

The remainder of the CARAT Web site provides details on what asthma is, what causes asthma symptoms, and what can be done to reduce exposure...


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