EthnoMed Web Site 10/01/08

The EthnoMed Web site provides medical and cultural information about cultural beliefs, medical issues, and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants to Seattle (or the United States in general). The site is designed to be used in clinics by care providers before seeing a patient.

The site includes the following information:

  • Cross-cultural health:
    • Clinical topics
    • Community House Calls program
    • Immigration
    • ...
Animated Eagle Book Series 10/01/08

This series of four animated children's books promotes diabetes education and encourages a return to traditional ways, including physical activity and healthy eating. While the characters and books were originally designed to provide culturally based information for Native American children in kindergarten through fourth grade, the series may appeal to children and parents of all cultures.

The series of videos includes:

  • Through the Eyes of the Eagle (tells children...
The Chinese Women's Health Project: Products 08/07/08

The following materials from the Chinese Women’s Health Project were used to decrease the incidence of invasive cervical cancer among Chinese women by increasing the frequency and regularity of Pap testing. The project consisted of two interventions to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese American and Canadian women—an outreach worker-based intervention and a direct mail intervention. The following materials used for this project are available to download:

  • The...
2006 National Healthcare Disparities Report 06/30/08

The 2006 National Healthcare Disparities Report (NHDR) monitors the Nation’s annual progress toward eliminating disparities in health care among racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. The 2006 report focuses on 22 core measures of quality and 6 core measures of access; income group comparisons highlight 17 core quality measures and 6 core access measures.

The report includes the following sections:

  • Key themes and highlights
  • Introduction and methods
  • ...
Creating Equity Reports: A Guide for Hospitals 06/23/08

Creating Equity Reports: A Guide for Hospitals helps hospitals prepare equity reports, which identify ethnic and racial disparities in organizations and suggest ways to reduce them.

This tool includes detailed information on the following topics:

  • Why create an equity report
  • Leading the effort
  • Collecting the data: Race, ethnicity, language, and socioeconomic status
  • Measure
  • Presenting the data
  • Using the report
  • Appendixes
    • ...
Cultural Competence Health Practitioner Assessment 06/10/08

This self-assessment tool is designed to promote cultural competence as an essential approach for health practitioners in the elimination of health disparities among racial and ethnic groups.

The Culture Competence Health Practitioner Assessment (CCHPA) has six subscales:

  • Values and belief systems
  • Cultural aspects of epidemiology
  • Clinical decisionmaking
  • Life cycle events
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Empowerment/...
The Health Literacy Environment of Hospitals and Health Centers: Partners for Action: Making Your Health Care Facility Literacy-Friendly 06/04/08

This guide and the review tools found within it offer an approach for analyzing literacy-related barriers to health care access and navigation. This tool focuses on key activities and tasks undertaken by visitors and patients when they enter a health care facility. The findings of such a review could spark discussions and help shape strategies to eliminate literacy barriers and enhance health literacy in health care facilities.

The guide is organized into four main sections:...

Consumer Health Information in Many Languages Resources 06/02/08

This Web site provides health resources in multiple languages. Visitors can browse resources with items in multiple languages, or resources in specific languages. Users can also search the Web sites on the page using the customized search engine.

Languages included are:

  • Arabic
  • Cambodian/Khmer
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Hmong
  • Korean
  • Laotian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
Online Training: Unified Health Communication 101: Addressing Health Literacy, Cultural Competency, and Limited English Proficiency 06/02/08

Unified Health Communication 101: Addressing Health Literacy, Cultural Competency, and Limited English Proficiency is a free online training course that will help providers:

  • Improve patient communication skills
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the three main factors that affect communication with patients: health literacy, cultural competency, and low English proficiency
  • Implement patient-centered communication practices that demonstrate...
Multicultural Health Care: A Quality Improvement Guide 06/02/08

This guide serves as a resource for those wanting to undertake quality improvement initiatives to improve culturally and linguistically appropriate services and to reduce disparities in care. It is intended for health care organizations such as managed care plans, large group practices, hospitals, public health agencies, disease management organizations, community health centers, and other institutions that provide and/or arrange for care of diverse patients.

The guide is...


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