Blueprint for Prevention of Childhood Obesity: A Call to Action 04/02/09

This countywide strategic plan to increase physical activity and improve nutrition among youth was developed by a task force in San Mateo County, CA, where childhood obesity has been identified as a key health priority. This report consists of quantitative and qualitative data, a description of the task force process, and an action plan. It is organized into the following sections:

  • Introduction letter
  • Executive summary
  • Background
  • Logic model...
More Than Words Toolkit 02/25/09

Translation involves more than word-for-word replacement. Quality translations require active engagement of individuals and organizations requesting translated materials. This toolkit series clarifies the translation process and provides a road map to help health care organizations improve the quality of their translated materials to help ensure the delivery of safe, effective, and high-quality care.

This series provides seven distinct, hands-on tools, including:

Provider's Guide to Quality & Culture 02/19/09

This Web site helps health care organizations throughout the US to provide high-quality, culturally competent services to multi-ethnic populations. Through support tools and tutorials, the site serves as a source for health professionals seeking resources on cultural issues within the context of quality of care for the improvement of global health.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started
    • What is cultural competence?
    • Evaluating oneself
    • Avoiding...
Alaska Community Health Aide Program Library 01/21/09

Community Health Aides/Practitioners (CHA/Ps) provide primary health care in rural Alaska villages as the first link in the Alaska Tribal Health System. The Community Health Aide Program (CHAP) consists of a network of approximately 550 CHA/Ps in over 170 rural Alaska villages. The documents, forms, and materials in the library are used by CHA/Ps in the Alaska program for training and while in the field.

Documents include:

  • ARC—Academic Review Committee
  • ...
Hablamos Juntos: Using Symbols 01/16/09

This Web site helps health and hospital administrators, facilities managers, architects, and designers of health care wayfinding systems eliminate language barriers and improve the quality of health care for people with limited English proficiency through the use of health care symbols in wayfinding systems. Universal symbols help create dynamic systems where patients and visitors feel more comfortable and confident while navigating in a health care facility.

Resources on the...

Toolkit to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care 12/09/08

The National Health Plan Collaborative has created this toolkit of resources, lessons, best practices, and case studies to help other health plans join the effort to reduce disparities. The toolkit shares what the Collaborative’s members have done to develop and test new methods of measuring and addressing racial and ethnic disparities so that other health care decisionmakers and leaders can learn from this work, implement these best practices, and make the case for addressing the...

Hispanic Diabetes Disparities Learning Network in Community Health Centers 11/25/08

This report describes the Decreasing Disparities Strategy Workgroup's development of a learning network project that included interventions and needs assessments at community health centers to help reduce the diabetes disparity in the Hispanic population.
The report includes:

  • Project description
  • Structure of the learning network
  • Evaluation design
  • Self-management training for Montgomery County Primary Care Coalition clinics
  • Appendixes...
Speaking Together Toolkit 11/24/08

This toolkit offers detailed guidance for building a high-quality language services program. Each section of the toolkit includes steps that guide management of operations and provides strategies to improve services in many care settings.

The toolkit provides the information and resources needed to:

  • Identify individuals, strategies, and tools to build and improve language services
  • Evaluate and improve the quality of an existing language services program...
Tools to Address Disparities in Health: Data as Building Blocks for Change 11/13/08

This toolkit provides health insurance plans and health care organizations with the building blocks to create change and improve quality of care by increasing the knowledge about the issues surrounding data collection on race and ethnicity and the potential impact for identifying disparities and measuring quality improvement.

Toolkit components include:

  • Why collect data on race, ethnicity, and primary language? A rationale for and importance of collecting these data...
EthnoMed Web Site 10/01/08

The EthnoMed Web site provides medical and cultural information about cultural beliefs, medical issues, and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants to Seattle (or the United States in general). The site is designed to be used in clinics by care providers before seeing a patient.

The site includes the following information:

  • Cross-cultural health:
    • Clinical topics
    • Community House Calls program
    • Immigration
    • ...


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