Pathways Community HUB Manual: A Guide To Identify and Address Risk Factors, Reduce Costs, and Improve Outcomes 09/01/10

The Pathways Community HUB Manual is a guide to improving coordination of care for individuals at highest risk of poor health outcomes. The HUB model provides a strategy for identifying and addressing risk factors at the individual level. Through data collected as part of the strategy, the model can also have an impact on population health. The intended audience for the manual is a diverse set of public and private stakeholders involved in coordinating care for at-risk individuals. Among key...

Pathways: Building a Community Outcome Production Model 08/31/10

This manual, developed by the Community Health Access Project (CHAP), provides detailed information and implementation guidelines for the Pathways (c) Model, a recognized model of community-based care coordination. Pathways can be used within an agency, a community, or across a State as a means of increasing positive outcome production to impact health and social service disparities.

The manual contains the following content:

  • ...
Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP): Resources for Professionals 08/19/10
The Community Asthma Prevention Program (CAPP) provides a community-driven asthma management program that is comprehensive and sustainable. The classes for children are led by teens and college students who are peer educators and who are trained to use the curriculum. The goal in using a “train the trainer” model is to leave neighborhoods and communities with lay asthma experts and, in this way, sustain asthma prevention efforts.

Some of the resources and tools that are available...
Health Care Language Services Implementation Guide 07/21/10

This guide, for health care organizations and professionals in clinical settings, provides information on how to implement language access services (LAS) for individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). It lays out the basic steps for implementing LAS, and the process for carrying out each step is explained in detail and supplemented with links to resources and tips on alternative ways to complete the step.

The guide is organized into the following sections:

  • ...
Diabetes Management 07/21/10

This bilingual booklet (in Cantonese and English), developed by the Chinese Community Health Resource Center, can help educate Chinese patients about the risk factors and symptoms of diabetes.

The booklet is divided into the following sections:

  • What is diabetes?
  • Types of diabetes
  • Diagnosis of diabetes
  • Symptoms of diabetes
  • Risk factors of diabetes
  • Complications of uncontrolled diabetes
    • Management of diabetes
    • ...
Better Communication, Better Care: Provider Tools to Care for Diverse Populations 07/19/10

Demographic changes, differences in individual belief and behavior, and new legal mandates constantly present health care professionals with new challenges in delivering high quality, effective, and compassionate health care to a diverse patient population. This toolkit provides health care professionals with resources to address these challenges, with a focus on increasing awareness of cultural background and enhancing communication with diverse populations.

The toolkit contents...

Aquí Para Ti/Here for You: Teen Parenting Toolkit 04/28/10

Aquí Para Ti/Here for You is a multidisciplinary, bicultural/bilingual youth program for Latino youths and their families. The program helps teens and families understand the language, needs, and culture of adolescents to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for them. The Teen Parenting Toolkit provides parents relevant information and tips on how to relate to teens and guide them to adulthood.

Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit 04/28/10

The Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit is designed to help adult and pediatric practices ensure that systems are in place to promote better understanding of health issues by all patients, regardless of their level of health literacy. The toolkit is divided into manageable chunks so that its implementation can fit into the busy day of a practice. It contains the following:

  • Quick start guide
  • Path to improvement (6 steps to take to implement the toolkit)...
Multicultural Health Care: A Quality Improvement Guide 02/19/10

This guide for health care organizations provides resources on how to deliver and arrange health care services to diverse patients. The guide has quality improvement initiatives and downloadable ready-to-use tools in the Resource Library to improve access to care and reduce health care disparities.

The information found in the Steps to Quality Improvement section of the guide is organized into the following four chapters that follow the steps of a basic quality improvement...

One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Diverse Populations 02/17/10

This report for hospitals and health care organizations provides a guide for improving the quality of care for the diverse patient groups. The report includes a self-assessment tool for organizations to assess their current care practices and services, and identify areas for improvement. The tool measures practices over four key themes: building a foundation, collecting and using data to improve services, accommodating the needs of specific populations, and establishing internal and external...


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