Patient self-management


What You Can Do to Avoid Medication Errors 07/01/09

This fact sheet provides tips on how to avoid medication errors in the following settings:

  • Personal/home care
  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulatory care/outpatient clinic
  • Hospital inpatient care
Adolescent Health Transition Project 06/07/09

The Adolescent Health Transition Project is designed to help smooth the transition from pediatric to adult health care for adolescents with special health care needs. This site is a resource for information, materials, and links for people interested in health transition issues.

Site contents include:

  • Information for:
    • Teens and young adults
      • Diabetes-specific information
    • Parents and families
      • Diabetes-specific information
      • ...
Men: Stay Healthy at 50+, Checklists for Your Health 05/26/09

Men can use the checklists in this flyer to help them stay healthy at age 50 and older.

The checklists help answer questions about:

  • What daily steps men can take for good health
  • Whether they need medicines to prevent disease
  • Which screening tests they need and when to get them

The PDF version in Spanish is new to the site.

For Women With Diabetes: Your Guide to Pregnancy 05/20/09

This illustrated, 44-page booklet includes information about checking and controlling blood glucose–also called blood sugar–maintaining a healthy diet, staying physically active, and taking tests and diabetes medications during pregnancy.

Topics and resources include:

  • Introduction
  • Taking care of your baby and yourself
  • Your diabetes, before and during your pregnancy
  • Checking your baby’s health during pregnancy
  • About labor and...
Women: Stay Healthy at 50+, Checklists for Your Health 05/20/09

Women can use the checklists in this flyer to help them stay healthy at age 50 and older. The checklists help answer questions about what daily steps women can take for good health, whether they need medicines to prevent disease, and which screening tests they need and when to get them.

The Spanish version of the tool is a new addition.

Arizona CERT Medication Record 04/13/09

This tool can help patients keep track of the medicines, vitamins, and herbs that they take. It is available as an interactive online tool and as a PDF document that can be printed out and filled out by hand. The PDF document is also available in Spanish.

This record helps patients capture the following information about their medicines:

  • Name of medicine or product
  • How much do I take?
  • When and how do I take it?
  • Why do I take it?
  • ...
AH! Asthma Health Program 04/13/09

The goal of the AH! (Asthma Health) Program is to improve the quality of life for people with asthma living in Maine. AH! emphasizes the importance of education and self-care, and the coordination of asthma care between people with asthma and their families; the asthma educator; and the physicians, nurses, and practitioners who provide medical care. People in the AH! Program experience fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and fewer days missed from work and school due to asthma...

Your Guide to Preventing and Treating Blood Clots 09/22/08

This 12-page, easy-to-read booklet helps patients and their families identify the causes and symptoms of dangerous blood clots, learn tips on how to prevent them, know what to expect during treatment, and know when to go to the emergency room. It also contains a list of related terms and definitions.

HowsYourHealth Online Screening Tool 08/20/08

The HowsYourHealth Web site gives consumers evidence-based, user-friendly health information to help them become more actively involved in preventing and managing their health care problems. Patients are encouraged to complete a free, confidential, noncommercial, 10-minute survey. After completing the survey, patients are given a summary action form, which provides a snapshot of the individual and his/her situation. It includes information about problems, needs, concerns, health safety...

Patient Self-Management Support Programs: An Evaluation 06/18/08

This report identifies and examines the factors that purchasers and builders of patient self-management support programs should consider when they are deciding on program components. It is based on a literature review and interviews with self-management support experts to identify and evaluate a range of program models and their features. Key findings and recommendations for developing a self-management support program are discussed.


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