Men: Stay Healthy at 50+, Checklists for Your Health 05/26/09

Men can use the checklists in this flyer to help them stay healthy at age 50 and older.

The checklists help answer questions about:

  • What daily steps men can take for good health
  • Whether they need medicines to prevent disease
  • Which screening tests they need and when to get them

The PDF version in Spanish is new to the site.

Routine Antenatal Anti-D Prophylaxis for Women Who Are Rhesus D Negative 05/22/09

This patient brochure describes when routine antenatal anti-D prophylaxis should be used to treat pregnant women who are rhesus D (RhD) negative. It provides guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE–United Kingdom). It is written for pregnant women who are RhD negative, but it may also be useful for their families or anyone interested in how being RhD negative can affect pregnancy.

The following topics are discussed:
  • Pregnancy in RhD-...
For Women With Diabetes: Your Guide to Pregnancy 05/20/09

This illustrated, 44-page booklet includes information about checking and controlling blood glucose–also called blood sugar–maintaining a healthy diet, staying physically active, and taking tests and diabetes medications during pregnancy.

Topics and resources include:

  • Introduction
  • Taking care of your baby and yourself
  • Your diabetes, before and during your pregnancy
  • Checking your baby’s health during pregnancy
  • About labor and...
Women: Stay Healthy at 50+, Checklists for Your Health 05/20/09

Women can use the checklists in this flyer to help them stay healthy at age 50 and older. The checklists help answer questions about what daily steps women can take for good health, whether they need medicines to prevent disease, and which screening tests they need and when to get them.

The Spanish version of the tool is a new addition.

Patient Guide to the Evaluation and Treatment of Hirsutism in Premenopausal Women 05/15/09

This patient guide summarizes the clinical guidelines that help physicians evaluate and treat hirsutism in premenopausal women.

It answers the following questions:

  • Why were the guidelines written?
  • How were the guidelines developed?
  • What causes hirsutism?
  • When should androgen levels be measured in hirsute women?
  • How is hirsutism managed or treated?
  • What can you do to help your treatment process?

Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale 04/13/09

This 10-question scale is a valuable and efficient way of identifying patients at risk for postnatal depression. It is easy to administer and has proven to be an effective screening tool.

Mothers who score above 13 are likely to be suffering from a depressive illness of varying severity. The score should not, however, override clinical judgment; a careful clinical assessment should be carried out to confirm the diagnosis. The scale indicates how the mother has felt during the...

Healthy Men 02/18/09

This Web site encourages men to actively take part in their health care by educating themselves on health care and participating in decisions with their doctor.

The site includes guidance in the following areas:

  • Stay healthy
  • Talk with your doctor
  • Get preventive medical tests
  • Know your prescription
  • Find advice and support
  • Get more information

The site is also available in Spanish.

The Chinese Women's Health Project: Products 08/07/08

The following materials from the Chinese Women’s Health Project were used to decrease the incidence of invasive cervical cancer among Chinese women by increasing the frequency and regularity of Pap testing. The project consisted of two interventions to promote cervical cancer screening among Chinese American and Canadian women—an outreach worker-based intervention and a direct mail intervention. The following materials used for this project are available to download:

  • The...
Health Guides A to Z for Teen Girls 06/30/08
These guides provide easy-to-understand health information for teen girls. The guides can be browsed alphabetically or by topic.

Topics include:
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • Sexuality and sexual health
  • General health and development
  • Gynecology and reproductive health
  • Emotional health
  • Parent guides

The tool also includes quizzes on the following health topics:

  • General health
  • Nutrition and fitness
  • ...
Prenatal Infection Prevention Poster 06/30/08

This poster promotes prevention of prenatal infections, including Group B streptococcus.

It includes a list of ways to avoid prenatal infections categorized in the following topics:

  • Diet and food handling
  • Contagious diseases
  • Environmental
  • Prenatal care


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