Description of Assignment from Course Syllabus


The assignments for this course are structured to help you prepare for your professional development in advanced practice.

Assignment #1 (50%) Modules One and Two:

This assignment is in two parts. Part One is a presentation to your assigned small group on Thursday, 10/6/11. Part Two is a written assignment and is due no later than 12 noon, Thursday, 10/13/11. Both parts are described below.

The objectives for Assignment #1 include:

  • Familiarize yourself with vetted, practical sources of information to improve patient care. Select and analyze an innovative health care practice or quality tool as described on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Health Care Innovations Exchange,
  • Practice leadership communication methods. Prepare and deliver an oral presentation and write a professional practice analysis memorandum to a senior leader.

Part One – Small group assignment:

You will work in pairs. As a team, select and review one innovation or quality tool from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange ( There are over 650 innovations and 1600 quality tools organized by subject. To assist you in narrowing your search, browse the subject tab. You can select an innovative practice or quality tool using various criteria including disease or clinical category, patient population, stage of care, setting of care, administrative or quality processes, IOM domains of quality. Background reading on the site can be found by linking to “Submit an Innovation” and its sub link “Inclusion Criteria for Heath Care Service Delivery Innovation.”

Once you select an innovative practice or quality tool, review the profile description and prepare a 5 minute presentation describing the innovative practice or quality tool. Be sure to include a description, summary, and other important facts included in the profile. Highlight the value of the innovative practice or quality tool in terms of its impact on health care improvements and quality of care. Prepare a single PowerPoint slide to show while you present.

On the day of your small group, email the PowerPoint slide to your faculty group leader no later than 12 noon. During the small group session, your team will give a 5 minute presentation to the other group members followed by five minutes for Q&A. NOTE: If you extend your presentation beyond the allotted time, you will be stopped by the group leader. Plan accordingly.

Part Two – Written assignment: Due no later than 12 noon, Thursday, 10/13/11.

  • Write a memo to Veronica Nieva, PhD, Project Director and Editor-in-Chief of the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange. The purpose of your memo is to comment on the value of an innovation practice or quality tool based on your clinical experience and/or professional interests. Faculty will select a few student submissions and send to Dr. Nieva.
  • Select one innovative practice or quality tool. This may be the same one you selected for the small group presentation or you may choose another. Begin the memo with identifying information including the Title of the Innovation or Quality tool, Developing Organizations, Date first implemented, Evidence Rating and URL. Next, summarize your professional experience, your professional interests, and your graduate APRN student status. Include your specialty area. NOTE: The memo is different from the small group presentation in that you do not need to summarize the innovation practice or quality tool.
  • In 4-5 paragraphs, write your comments on the innovation practice or quality tool. While reviewing the innovations exchange site be sure to read the comments and expert commentary included in the profile and related articles cited in the profile. To help you write the memo, answer the following questions: Based on your clinical experience and/or professional interests, why are you commenting on this particular innovation? Have you observed or identified a need that you believe this innovation practice or quality tool can address? In your experience, is this innovation practical? Have you seen other innovations/practices/tools used in clinical settings that are similar or dissimilar with the same results? What did you like about the innovation practice or quality tool? What did you not like about the innovation practice or quality tool? Include in your observations your own comments on the references/related articles included with the Innovations Exchange profile. Also include other articles you may have read and be sure to use APA citation. Finally, if you reached out to the Innovator, include meaningful content from email or telephone conversations you conducted.
  • In the final paragraph, end with a summary of the top three points in your comments.


Content - Assignment #1 (50%) Points
1. Small group presentation – Clarity of information, timing, visual is easy to understand and descriptive, impact on health care improvement and quality is relevant and relates to quality, safety, efficiency, and/or outcomes.
2. Memo to AHRQ Innovation Exchange Editor-in Chief – writing demonstrates an understanding of the subject, observations and comments are professionally written and documented with references as appropriate, central issues and assumptions are relevant and reasonable.


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