Innovation Profiles Column Definitions

These are the column descriptions for the Innovation Profiles files downloaded at

Column Name Description
ID Profile ID number
innovation_type Type of innovation profile: Service delivery profile, Policy profile, Innovation attempt, or Archived profile
title Profile title
searchSummary Brief summary of innovation that is displayed in search results
databaseDate Date database was created (biweekly)
publishDate Date the profile was first posted to the Innovations Exchange
dateLastUpdated Date the most recent changes to the profile were posted to the Innovations Exchange
dateVerified Most recent date the innovator provided feedback during the annual review process
snapshot_summary A brief description of the key elements of the innovation, what makes it innovative, and the impact or results achieved
snapshot_developers Organizations involved in developing the innovation
snapshot_date_first_implemented Date when the organization first implemented the innovative activity
snapshot_date_first_implemented_notes If applicable, notes related to date first implemented
snapshot_patient_population A description of the population affected by the innovation. Variables include gender, age, race/ethnicity, geographic location, disease/condition, and other pertinent characteristics
snapshot_problem_addressed A brief description of the key problem(s) that the innovation addresses, plus details that support this statement, such as data on the magnitude and impact of the problem
what_they_did_activity_description A description of the components of the innovation, including the ongoing, day-to-day operations
what_they_did_context A brief description of the organization(s) implementing the innovation, any unique macro-environmental factors that served as motivators and/or had an impact on the innovation's success or implementation; any larger initiatives that the innovation may be part of; and any specifics about the local impetus for the innovation
did_it_work_results A description of the overall results of the innovation (specifically, the extent to which the innovation succeeded in addressing the problem outlined earlier), plus a summary of specific key results with supporting data
did_it_work_evidence_rating A rating of the quality and strength of the evidence that the results described in the profile are due to the innovation and not to other factors. Possible ratings are strong, moderate, and suggestive. The rating is followed by a description of the evidence including the design of the evaluation of the innovation, and any other support for an association between the innovation and the results.
how_they_did_it_development_process Key steps involved in planning and development of the innovation
how_they_did_it_resources_and_skills Information on the staffing and financial costs of the innovation
how_they_did_it_funding_sources A brief description of where the money came from to fund the innovation, such as an AHRQ grant or contract, a foundation grant, or internal sources
how_they_did_it_tools_and_resources Full article citations and Web site links to any publicly available worksheets or other tools related to the innovation
adoption_considerations_getting_started Advice from the innovator regarding important/essential prerequisites to a successful launch
adoption_considerations_sustaining Advice from the innovator regarding what is needed to sustain the innovation over time and maintain momentum
adoption_considerations_scale_up_and_spread How the innovator was able to scale the innovation to other settings or organizations
adoption_considerations_lessons_learned Information on lessons learned from the innovator
adoption_considerations_use_by_others Information on the use of this innovation beyond the organization(s) discussed in this profile
adoption_considerations_other_info Additional tips, considerations, or otherwise useful information from the innovator
more_information_contact Name, title, organization, and telephone number and/or e-mail address for someone willing to serve as an ongoing contact for the innovation
more_information_innovator_disclosures Information about the innovator's financial interests, business/professional affiliations, or other disclosures relevant to the work described in the profile
more_information_recognition Information about external recognition received by individual innovators or their organizations that is directly related to their health care innovations
more_information_references Complete citations for any related articles and full Web site addresses for links to any other related information
more_information_footnotes Footnotes
BackStoryTitle Title of human interest story related to innovation
BackStory Text of human interest story related to innovation
expert_commentary Text of expert commentary
developers Name(s) of developer(s)
funding_sources Name(s) of funding source(s)
classification Taxonomy tags used to classify content of innovation profile
NodeURL The URL of the innovation profile on the Innovations Exchange web site

Updated June 27, 2016

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