Jupiter Medical Center: Patient & Family Advisory Council Charter

Article I

Name & Purpose

The name of the committee shall be the Jupiter Medical Center Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC). The Council is an advisory resource to leadership and team members within the organization. The purpose of the Council is to promote a patient-and family-centered care (PFCC) culture. PFCC will emphasize collaboration of patients and families in the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care practices. This Council will provide a safe venue to review feedback as seen through the eyes of the hospital's “customers” and to make recommendations for change.

Article II

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of the PFAC are:

  1. To instill a culture that ensures health care is responsive to patient and family priorities, preferences and values.
  2. To provide an effective mechanism for receiving and responding to patient and family input.
  3. To offer a forum for developing creative, cost-effective solutions to resolve challenges of the hospital.
  4. To foster respectful partnerships between patients, families, and healthcare professionals.
  5. To improve patient and family satisfaction within our system of care.
  6. To improve hospital quality and safety through collaboration and continuity in care services.
  7. To connect the hospital with its surrounding community.

Article III


  1. Council Structure – Individuals are selected for membership to the PFAC by recommendation of the Staff Liaison Team at JMC. The Council will consist of members in the following roles:
    • Executive Champion
    • Advisors (Community)
    • Council Chairperson (Community)
    • Staff Liaisons
  2. Advisor Qualifications –Advisor must have been a patient or family member of a patient who utilized services at JMC within the last five years or is a JMC Volunteer in good standing. Advisor must be a full-time resident of the local area.
  3. Term – Advisor is expected to remain in his/her role for a term of one year, with the option to serve a second consecutive one-year term as approved by the Staff Liaison team. To ensure the unity and success of this Council, all Advisors will complete a 90-day probationary period before final installment. Advisor may be removed if, in the judgment of the Executive Champion, such removal is in the best interest of the PFAC.
  4. Responsibilities
    1. Attend one meeting each month (2-4 hours each meeting) throughout the year of their term.
    2. Participate in a PFAC Orientation.
    3. Share insight and information about experiences in a manner benefiting a learning environment.
    4. Offer feedback in a constructive and professional manner.
    5. Listen and respect the perspective of others.
    6. Solicit and identify patient and family needs/concerns and work with other Advisors to address issues identified.
    7. Respect the confidentiality of patient information.

Article IV

Interviewing & Selection

  1. Qualified applicants for the PFAC will be interviewed by the Staff Liaison team.
  2. All candidates will be assessed via JMC's PFCC Advisor Interview Assessment tool.
  3. Advisor selection is at the discretion of the Staff Liaison team.

Article V


  1. Advisor will take part in an initial orientation provided by the Council Chairperson.
  2. Orientation should include but not be limited to:
    1. The vision and goals of the organization
    2. The role of the Council, how it fits into the organization's structure, and how it can assist the organization in achieving its vision and goals.
    3. Meeting attendance expectations.
    4. The roles and responsibilities of Advisors.
    5. How to present issues effectively.
    6. Identifying potential PFCC improvement projects.
    7. HIPAA training.

Article VI


  1. Meetings will be held monthly on the third Tuesday of each month.
  2. The agenda for each meeting will be developed by the Council Chairperson with assistance of the Staff Liaison. Any Advisor may submit agenda recommendations to the Council Chairperson up to five business days prior to the scheduled meeting for inclusion in the meeting agenda.
  3. All meetings will be facilitated by the Council Chairperson.
  4. A quorum of 51% is required for all decision-making.

Article VII


  1. To maintain appropriate and confidential handling of personal information, patient and/or family names or identifying information shall not be discussed during PFAC meetings.
  2. Strict compliance with all state and national laws regarding confidentiality, including HIPAA, shall be enforced.

Article VIII

Amendment Procedures

  1. Amendments to the PFAC Charter will be presented during one of the Council's regular meetings and voted on at the following regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. The Charter may be amended by a majority vote (51%) provided 50% of the Council's active members are in attendance.
  3. All Charter amendments are subject to the approval of the PFCC Executive Champion.

Patient & Family Advisory Council May 2015

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