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Integrated Patient Care and Pharmacist-Led Medication Therapy Improve Chronic Disease Management for At-Risk, Underserved Patients 08/17/16

A federally qualified health center offers comprehensive, integrated medication therapy and disease management services to at-risk patients, leading to reductions in actual and potential adverse drug events, admissions, and readmissions; better chronic disease management and control; and high levels of patient satisfaction. 

Patient-Centered, Peer-Led Education and Support Enhance Patient Engagement and Self-Efficacy and Reduce Hospital Readmissions for Patients with Spinal Cord Injury 06/28/16

A rehabilitation hospital revamped its patient education and transition services to incorporate a variety of patient-centered, peer-led approaches, leading to enhanced patient engagement and self-efficacy and fewer readmissions.

Primary Care–Based, Multidisciplinary Teams Provide Care Management Services to Complex Patients, Enhancing Patient Engagement and Reducing Hospitalizations 06/27/16

Multidisciplinary teams embedded within primary care practices provide care management and other support services to medically and psychosocially complex patients, enhancing patient engagement and self-management skills and reducing hospitalizations and emergency department visits.

Statewide Consortium Increases Use of Pharmacist-Led Medication Therapy Management in Federally Qualified Health Centers, Improves Management of Hypertension and Diabetes 06/20/16

A multistakeholder statewide consortium increases the adoption and use of pharmacist-led medication therapy management services in federally qualified health centers, leading to better management of diabetes and hypertension and fewer adverse drug events.

Community Paramedic Works Onsite in Homeless Shelter, Significantly Reducing Unnecessary 911 Calls and Connecting Residents to Primary Care 04/27/16

A community paramedic works onsite at a homeless shelter during afternoon and evening hours 4 days a week during periods when an onsite primary care clinic is not open, significantly reducing unnecessary 911 calls and connecting shelter residents to primary care.

Patient and Family Advisor Rounding Contributes to Reduction in Falls and to Better Performance on Key Patient Experience Metrics 03/24/16

Patient and family advisors conduct regular rounds with patients and their family members on inpatient units and in the emergency department, contributing to a reduction in falls and to better performance on key patient experience metrics.

Patient and Family Advisors Spearhead Redesign of Bedside Shift-Change Reporting, Leading to More Consistent Use 03/09/16

Patient and family advisors work with other stakeholders to redesign the structure and process for bedside change-of-shift reports, leading to more consistent use of the new approach.

Pharmacy Teams Use Telepharmacy To Provide Medication Management to At-Risk Patients in Safety Net Clinics, Leading to Better Outcomes and Lower Utilization and Costs 08/29/15

Pharmacy teams provide comprehensive medication management services to at-risk patients at safety net clinics via video consultations, leading to better chronic disease outcomes, fewer emergency department visits and hospitalizations, and high levels of patient and provider satisfaction. 

Pharmacists Integrated Within Patient-Centered Care Teams Help At-Risk Patients Manage Medications, Leading to Better Outcomes and Lower Costs 08/18/15

Pharmacists working as part of care teams in patient-centered medical homes assist at-risk patients in managing their medication regimens, leading to more knowledgeable and confident patients, better outcomes, lower costs, and high levels of patient satisfaction. 

Welcome Policy Eliminates Visiting Restrictions and Allows Loved Ones To Be With Patients Round-the-Clock, Generating Positive Feedback From All Stakeholders 01/12/15

Replacing traditional visiting restrictions, a hospital’s “welcome” policy allows loved ones (including minors) to be with patients round-the-clock, leading to very positive feedback from patients, family members and friends, and hospital staff.


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