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Health Literacy Tutoring Program Enhances Access to Culturally Appropriate Education, Increases Knowledge and Skills Among Health Profession Students and Elder Immigrants 06/30/09

A health literacy tutoring program enhances access to culturally appropriate health education for elder immigrants and increases knowledge and skills among students and elders.

Bilingual, Culturally Competent Community Health Workers Increase Insurance Enrollment, Access to Care, and Self-Efficacy Among Low-Income Latinos 05/29/09

Bilingual, culturally competent community health workers increased insurance enrollment, use of preventive care services and a usual source of care, and self-efficacy for low-income Latinos.

Home Visits Using Reflective Approach Improve Functional Health Literacy Among Low-Income Pregnant Women and New Parents 04/28/09

Reflective questions and conversations integrated into home visitation programs increased the health literacy of low-income pregnant women and new parents, thus empowering them to better manage their family's health and medical care.

Point-of-Care Complexity Assessment Helps Primary Care Clinicians Identify Barriers to Improved Health and Craft Integrated Care Plans 03/02/09

The Minnesota Complexity Assessment Method is used by clinicians to guide their assessment of potentially complex patients; to identify disease-related, social, and socioeconomic barriers to improved health; and to craft care plans to meet patient needs.

Training on Culturally Sensitive Patient Care Leads to Reports of Enhanced Knowledge and Cultural Awareness 01/08/09

A medical school offered training on culturally sensitive patient care to faculty, leading to reports of enhanced knowledge of how to teach cultural competency and increased student awareness of cross-cultural issues.

Oral Health Program Enhances Access to Culturally Sensitive Dental Care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers 01/06/09

The Program for Refugee Oral Health enhances access to oral health services among refugees and asylum seekers in Massachusetts by providing free screenings, referrals for urgent and preventive care, culturally appropriate education, and training for medical practitioners.

Inner City Hospital Offers HIV Testing to All Emergency Department Patients, Improving Test Access and Subsequent Care for High-Risk Populations 12/15/08

Providers routinely offer HIV testing to emergency department patients as a part of their visit, leading to a 50 percent increase in the number of patients tested.

Culturally Competent Palliative Care Supports African-American Patients and Families in Dealing With End-of-Life Issues 12/04/08

Providence Hospital's culturally sensitive palliative care service ensures appropriate medical and pain management, provides emotional support, and dispenses accurate information about palliative care to help the hospital's largely African-American population cope with end-of-life issues.

Comprehensive Screening, Guideline-Based Treatment, and Self-Management Support Enhanced Access to Asthma Care, Reduced Hospitalizations and Costs 12/02/08

The Urban Health Plan Asthma Relief Street program provides standardized, comprehensive asthma screening, guideline-based treatment, education, and self-management support, leading to more people being diagnosed and treated, fewer hospitalizations, and overall cost savings.

Cancer Prevention Messages From Cosmetologists Lead to Positive Lifestyle Changes Among Clients 11/05/08

Trained licensed hair stylists delivered cancer prevention messages to their clients during beauty salon appointments, leading to positive behavior change.


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