Chats on Change: Using Social Media To Reduce Childhood Obesity

Chats on Change: Using Social Media To Reduce Childhood Obesity

Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank you for participating in the Chat on Change held September 18, 2013. During the TweetChat, we were joined by Dr. Victoria Rogers from the Let’s Go! program.

Let’s Go!, a program of the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center, is recognized as a national leader in obesity prevention. Let’s Go! uses an evidence-based, multisetting approach to reach youth and families where they live, learn, work, and play. Let’s Go! concentrates its obesity prevention efforts on creating sustainable policy and environmental change in six different settings: schools, early childhood programs, after-school programs, health care practices, workplaces, and communities. The Let’s Go! program also promotes the nationally recognized message of “5-2-1-0,” a message that was developed in Maine and is now endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign. The message emphasizes the importance of 5 or more fruits & vegetables; 2 hours or less recreational screen time; 1 hour or more of physical activity; 0 sugary drinks, plus more water and lowfat milk.


Victoria W. Rogers, MD Director, Kids CO-OP Director, Let’s Go! The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center

Dr. Victoria W. Rogers is the Director of The Kids CO-OP at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center. As Director of the Let’s Go! program, she oversees the development, coordination, and promotion of community-oriented, pediatric health care initiatives. Over the past few years, Dr. Rogers has focused her efforts on combating the childhood obesity epidemic. As a leader in the field of childhood obesity prevention and management, she is often called on as a consultant by the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other national organizations to provide her expert opinion and review.

Dr. Rogers is a member of NICHQ’s Obesity National Advisory Council, for which she provides expert recommendations and key guidance to NICHQ’s obesity work. She was also the faculty chair for NICHQ’s Healthy Care for Healthy Kids Learning Collaborative and co-chair of the Childhood Obesity Action Network faculty and has served as a content expert for a number of NICHQ’s other obesity-related projects. She has led the development of a “next steps” implementation guide for clinicians based on the expert panel recommendations on childhood obesity prevention and management. She is currently a faculty member and advisor for NICHQ’s Be Our Voice childhood obesity advocacy project, a member of the Collaborate for Healthy Weight Consortium, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine.


AHRQIX: Our TweetChat on childhood obesity & the Let’s Go! program with Dr. Rogers of @Letsgo5210 is about to begin! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: We’re using #AHRQIX for the chat. Please include it in your tweets
mnx: RT @AHRQIX: Our TweetChat on childhood obesity & the Let’s Go! program with Dr. Rogers of @Letsgo5210 is about to begin! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: If you have a question and want to tweet during the chat, be sure your tweets are not protected. #AHRQIX
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AHRQIX: If you’re having problems viewing the Twubs site, you can also follow the live stream by searching on Twitter for #AHRQIX. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: This chat will focus on childhood obesity & the Let’s Go! program. Please be respectful of others during the chat. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Here we go! Welcome to our TweetChat on childhood obesity & the Let’s Go! program! I’m Nicole & I’ll be moderating the chat. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: I’m pleased to be joined by Dr. Victoria Rogers of @Letsgo5210 today! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Dr. Rogers is the Director of the Kids CO-OP at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Hello everyone! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: If you’re joining us today, let us know what state you’re from – we may have information on programs in your area! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Please note the Innovations Exchange does not provide advice on health-related issues or experiences. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: We’ll ask/answer Qs with @Letsgo5210 & participants, as well as share resources on childhood obesity. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Join @AHRQNews Sept. 26 for a Web event about #childhoodobesityprevention. Register now! … #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Let’s get started – Dr. Rogers, what is ‘Let’s Go!’ ? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Let’s Go!(LG) is a program supporting healthy eating and active living (HEAL) for kids and families. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We work with schools, childcare and afterschool programs, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and communities. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: LG uses evidence based strategies to support desired behaviors and make them possible. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: And we use the 5210 message to promote behaviors as fun, easy, and popular! For more info visit #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: What does 5210 stand for? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: 5+ fruits/veggies, 2 hrs or less of recreational screen time, 1 hr+ physical activity & 0 sugary drinks, more water & low-fat milk #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Does anybody use the 5210 message? What does it look like in your community? #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Dr. Rogers, does LG have any good examples of what this looks like in the community? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Absolutely! More fruit and veggie parties (fewer pizza parties) & #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: More gardens across communities. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Physical activity being used as a reward (instead of food). #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: And healthier school lunches and snacks. & #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: A new @AHRQnews report found that combining strategies works best in preventing childhood obesity: #AHRQIX
RTeamDetroit: “@MedNetOne: Joining a live TweetChat on childhood obesity and the @letsgo5210 program with @RTeamDetroit” #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: So, what can the healthcare practitioner do? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Healthcare practitioners can do 3 things to help prevent childhood obesity #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: 1. Provide 5210 messaging in the office 2. Correctly measure BMI 3. Have a respectful talk about healthy eating & physical activity. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We have easy to use, effective tools for physicians to use. They’re available on our site: #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: .@RTeamDetroit @mednetone Thanks for joining! How are you involved in childhood obesity prevention? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Great to see Detroit on the TweetChat! We work with some folks at the Children’s Hospital there. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: What influence do physicians have outside the office? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: It’s important to remember that our voice matters, as healthcare providers, community members & parents. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Providers play a key role in promoting (HEAL) by working w/ school boards, childcare centers, etc. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: What role can hospitals play? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: They can help support programs like LG and model healthy meeting norms and healthy cafeterias. This is happening at @MaineMed #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: So how does that look? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: It’s important that the food for employees and patients fully supports and aligns with hospitals’ goals. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Food needs to be healthy – more whole grains, less fat, more fruits and veggies and less fried food. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We expect to have resources online in October. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: A new @CDCgov report shows declines in childhood obesity in many states. See the full report here: #AHRQIX
RTeamDetroit: @AHRQIX we are glad to be here! We offer a 6 month family focused healthy lifestyle program to kids and teens around the community #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: That’s fantastic! LG would love to hear more about it. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: How has social media helped with the program’s goals? #AHRQIX
mnx: RT @LetsGo5210: Absolutely! More fruit and veggie parties (fewer pizza parties) & #AHRQIX
HealthyKidsOOS: @AHRQIX Happy to join in – we’re helping OST leaders keep kids healthy who are participating in everything from soccer to Scouts #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Overall it provided us with a voice that has helped us build support networks, create a “Let’s Go! community” and shape social norms #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: It has helped us provide consistent messaging, which is so important to the program, to more people in our community. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: It provides a two way conversation between us and our community. They learn from us and we learn from them. #AHRQIX
VWashington08: We are in the planning stages of implementing the 5210 message in West TN, this TweetChat will be a big help #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We can provide support to parents and changemakers in a way where they can grab and share info when it’s convenient for them #AHRQIX
HealthyKidsOOS: We’ve been able to share resources from the Healthy Kids Hub via SM #AHRQIX
RTeamDetroit: It has helped us provide our participants with extra support; giving recipes, fun games to increase activity,articles, and pictures #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Great to hear about your efforts in @vwashington08! How can we help? #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: @HealthyKidsOOS Since you’re from Boston, here’s info on a community-based program in Cambridge #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: @healthykidsoos is one of our great partners. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: .@BostonChildrens combines medical, counseling & behavioral services to help overweight children lose weight #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: What do schools, childcare programs and afterschool programs focus on? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: LG supports schools & childcare/aftercare programs in implementing 10 key environmental & policy strategies #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Focus on sustainable strategies such as Non-Food Rewards, More Physical Activity, Healthy Foods for Snacks and Celebrations. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Here’s a description of the @LetsGo5210 program on our site #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We worked with HEAL Appalachia recently.Has @VWashington08 connected with them at all? #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: So are these school and childcare programs working for you? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Yes! Our data shows sites are implementing AND sustaining our strategies. Environments are changing & HEAL behaviors are increasing. #AHRQIX
VWashington08: @LetsGo5210 We have not. Thanks #AHRQIX
msdcenter: Each social media platform has a different ecosystem and clientele, so it’s important to tailor your health messaging. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Schools, After Schools, Childcares, Docs Offices… #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We will be publishing this soon. You can download last year’s annual report for Let’s Go! here #AHRQIX
msdcenter: We post healthy recipes on our Pinterest page, role model stories on our blog & Facebook, and share research via Twitter. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Evaluation results will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: @VWashington08 HEAL Appalachia has been doing some great work & uses the 5210 message. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: @msdcenter That’s true and a great tip! #AHRQIX
msdcenter: @LetsGo5210 Sorry to join the #AHRQIX chat a bit late, but can you tell us what kinds of messages resonate w/your social media audiences?
LetsGo5210: Empowering message that focus on the positives #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We’ve learned that they needed to be tailored to our key audiences - parents and educators. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: So we use their language and not ours. A bit of translation. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: A great example is talking about quality family time through activity vs. health benefits of physical activity #AHRQIX
msdcenter: @letsgo5210 Do you use role model stories? Inspiring facts/tips? Best practices? And what channels do you use? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Academic benefits of healthy eating and physical activity vs. kids should be healthy in school, etc. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Great question. Yes, here’s how… #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We use our blog, Facebook page, newsletters, local media to tell the stories of our sites #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We ask parents to share on our Facebook page and support eachother and share tips #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We also bring the work of our communities to life through photo and video on Flickr, YoutTube, Vimeo. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Here’s a collection of toolkits and promotional items for the @LetsGo5210 initiative. Check it out #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Primarily we use these channels to show that change CAN happen and how easy it can be. #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: A question for everyone participating today: What gives you hope that we can combat childhood obesity? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: For us it’s the kids. They’re the driving force in creating health environments! #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: They want more fruits/veggies & to play more! They’re also influencing adults by doing what the adults think they won’t #AHRQIX
RTeamDetroit: @letsGo5210…we have had the same experience! A lot of the parents say their kids motivate them to make changes once in the program #AHRQIX
HealthyKidsOOS: And adding more fruits & veggies throughout the day, of course #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: 5210 was created in Maine and now more than 35 states have adopted or adapted the message! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: RT @LetsGo5210: 5210 was created in Maine and now more than 35 states have adopted or adapted the message! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Here’s an example from @Nemours, which uses 5-2-1-Almost None #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: You can find free downloads of @Nemours’ published materials regarding overweight children here: #AHRQIX
VWashington08: Kids are excited about healthy living but how do you motivate parents? How do you make healthy living a priority to them #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: We’ll be closing the live chat in 10 mins but will continue to answer the questions that come in before 4pm #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Stay connected with LG’s @letsgo5210 National Obesity Conference #5210LGObesityConf #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: To create supportive environments to make the healthy choice the easy choice. #AHRQIX
msdcenter: @letsgo5210 That sounds great! Here’s a video we created for our school-based CATCH program in TX: #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: You connect to what’s important to parents: children’s happiness and well being, quality relationships, creating healthy memories #AHRQIX
HassellS: As a parent, what gives me hope is knowing there are resources out there to help. It can be hard even for motivated parents! #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Totally agree with you @HassellS. We all need help. #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: That’s part of connecting with parents too. We’re all in this together and we need to show everyone plays a role #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: @VWashington08 Here’s info on teen & parent classes to help reduce BMI & improve self image from @KPNorthwest #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: That’s why Let’s Go! developed our multi-setting model. #AHRQIX
msdcenter: @letsgo5210 That’s the motto for Texas Obesity Awareness Week (going on now!) #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Way to go Texas! @msdcenter #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Any other states out there with programs to spotlight? #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: You can connect with @letsgo5210 through different social media #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Thank you to everyone who joined & participated in our TweetChat today! You can review the archive using #AHRQIX after the event
AHRQIX: Feel free to continue sharing questions, info, and what’s working for you via Twitter with @AHRQIX & @Letsgo5210 #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Facebook #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: And a special thanks to Dr. Rogers! We’re so glad you were able to join us today! @Letsgo5210 #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Vimeo #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: YouTube #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Registration is open! Join @AHRQNews Sept. 26 to learn about #childhoodobesityprevention programs: #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: Blog Page #AHRQIX
LetsGo5210: We want to thank @AHRQIX for this opportunity. We look forward to staying connected! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: Us too! RT @LetsGo5210 We want to thank @AHRQIX for this opportunity. We look forward to staying connected! #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: To learn more about AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange, visit the ‘About’ section of our website: #AHRQIX
AHRQIX: @RTeamDetroit Thank you for joining us and sharing your experiences! Hope you can join the 9/26 Web event! #AHRQIX
happyinmysoul: RT @LetsGo5210: Stay connected with LG’s @letsgo5210 National Obesity Conference #5210LGObesityConf #AHRQIX
Nemours: RT @AHRQIX: Here’s an example from @Nemours, which uses 5-2-1-Almost None #AHRQIX
ktrattay: RT @AHRQIX: Here’s an example from @Nemours, which uses 5-2-1-Almost None #AHRQIX
NICHQ: RT @msdcenter: @letsgo5210 That’s the motto for Texas Obesity Awareness Week (going on now!) #AHRQIX
FieldsTom: RT @AHRQIX: Here’s a description of the @LetsGo5210 program on our site #AHRQIX

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