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The Health Communicator's Social Media Toolkit


This toolkit for health communicators provides information on using social media to improve the reach of their health messages, increase access to their content, further participation with audiences, and advance transparency to improve health communication efforts. The toolkit is intended for a beginner audience, although some viewers with an intermediate level may find parts of the toolkit useful.

Topics covered include:
  • Social media introduction
    • Social media overview
    • Getting your feet wet with social media
    • Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s top lessons learned from using social media
    • Developing a social media strategy
    • Social media monitoring and evaluation
    • Governing social media efforts
  • Social media tools
    • Buttons and badges
    • Image sharing
    • Content syndication
    • RSS feeds
    • Podcasts
    • Online video sharing
    • Widgets
    • eCards
    • Mobile technologies
    • Twitter
    • Blogs
    • Facebook
  • Social media campaign example
  • Social media communications strategy worksheet
  • Social media evaluation worksheet
Links to the Tool:
This tool is available at: (If you don't have the software to open this PDF, download free Adobe Acrobat ReaderĀ® software External Web Site Policy.)


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  • Release Date: 08/2010
  • Review Date: 07/2011
  • Original Summary: 11/2011
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Last updated: March 14, 2012.