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My Bright Future: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating for Rural Adult Women


This booklet shows women who live in rural areas how simple changes in their eating habits and physical activity can make them feel better now and contribute to a healthier life.

Included in the booklet:
  • Getting started
    • Questions to answer: Physical activity
    • Questions to answer: Healthy eating
  • Talking with my health care team
    • My questions about healthy eating and physical activity
    • Examples of questions to ask
    • My starting point
    • Setting my goals
  • Tools for reaching my physical activity goals
    • Solutions: Beat the road blocks
    • Make physical activity a part of your day
    • Physical activity safety tips
  • Tools for reaching my healthy eating goals
    • Solutions: Beat the road blocks
    • Variety for a healthy balanced diet
    • MyPyramid guidelines: Making healthy choices
    • Getting key nutrients
    • Using the nutrition facts label
    • Hints for reaching my goals
    • My food and activity journal
    • My goals

Links to the Tool:
This tool is available at: (If you don't have the software to open this PDF, download free Adobe Acrobat ReaderĀ® software External Web Site Policy.)


Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Rural Health Policy

Funding Sources

Health Resources and Services Administration; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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  • Release Date: 09/2008
  • Original Summary: 04/2011
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