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Learn the Signs. Act Early.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Learn the Signs. Act Early" campaign provides a variety of tools and materials to help parents recognize the signs of developmental disabilities such as autism. The campaign helps parents measure their children's developmental progress by monitoring how they play, learn, speak, and act. The site also includes useful campaign materials for health care providers, child care providers, and campaign partners.

The site includes the following:

  • Developmental milestones tools
    • Milestones checklist
    • Interactive milestones chart
  • Fact sheets
  • Resources
  • Resources and materials for health care professionals in English and Spanish
    • Informational card
    • Growth chart
    • Fact sheets
    • Waiting room poster
    • Exam room poster
  • Resources and materials for child care providers
    • Developmental screening fact sheet
    • Autism spectrum disorders fact sheet
    • Cerebral palsy fact sheet
    • Mental retardation fact sheet
    • Vision loss fact sheet
    • Hearing loss fact sheet
    • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder fact sheet 
    • Important milestones
      • 3 months
      • 7 months
      • 1 year
      • 2 years
      • 3 years
      • 4 years 
      • 5 years
    • Tips for talking to parents
    • Resources fact sheet
    • Growth chart
    • Milestones checklists
    • Small poster
    • Flyer
  • Materials for local, regional, and national campaign partners
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  • Release Date: 06/2005
  • Review Date: 04/2008
  • Recent Summary: 02/2009
  • Original Summary: 06/2005
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