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Patient Safety Through Teamwork and Communication Toolkit


The Patient Safety Through Teamwork and Communication Toolkit helps providers improve communication skills to improve patient safety. 

This toolkit contains the following:
  • The education guide provides a plan for the education and integration of communication and teamwork factors into clinical practice and includes the following subsections:
    • Teaching resources
      • Fast talks
      • Champion role
      • SBAR (situation-background-assessment-recommendation) communication forms
      • Visual reminders
      • PowerPoint presentation
      • Web-based training
    • Education concepts
      • Structured communication
      • Psychological safety and assertion
      • Critical language
  • The communication tools section provides a description for each of the following tools along with provisions for implementation:
    • Multidisciplinary rounding
    • Huddles
    • Rapid response and escalation
    • Structured communication


Denver Health

Funding Sources

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

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patient/medication safety


  • Release Date: 01/2007
  • Original Summary: 12/2007
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